Inspiring comfort & style.
Follow you heart.
No matter how “perfect” a particular type of flooring material may be for its intended use, if you don’t like it, it’s not right for you.
Go crazy – and let us know all your ideas!
Don’t be afraid to pump up the volume.
There are so many bold textures, designs & styles…  your flooring showcases your home!
Bookmark your ideas.
Hey – Pinterest is there for a reason!  Or, if you are not so digitally inclined, start a binder or create an inspiration board of what you LOVE from magazines!  This can serve as a  great tool when we meet with you for your consultation.
Focused in on exactly what you want?
No problem –  we can easily put together the items that you know you want to create an estimate.
Measure twice; cut once.
Please remember that your rooms will be need to be professionally measured before installation; Different types of materials & manufacturers, waste factors & overages are all important factors.
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Interiors of Colorado is dedicated to delivering consistently high quality product and services to customers in the areas of flooring and tile.

Interiors of Colroado

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